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The Shoot Part 5: Warehouse

28 November

On Wednesday we arrived at our warehouse location. This was a massive, old wool shed in Port Adelaide that was split across multiple levels. The size was great as we were able to separate our set and unit areas. We shot everything in the basement while there was plenty of room on the ground floor for Costume, Make-Up and catering to set up.

Costume Designer Olivia does final checks on Arcayus

Because we were going to shoot an entire episode at this location we had a lot of work to do. While we were shooting at the house location, Production Designer Annalisa and her assistants were dressing the warehouse.

The warehouse was also home to all of our extras days, with two especially massive ones on Friday and Sunday. On Thursday we had a warm up with about 10 extras coming to visit including Marcel (Isaac) from our previous episode!

Friday was the start of our fight scenes. Unit, Make-Up and Wardrobe all had super early call times so they start getting the first round of many extras and fighters wasteland-ified early.  Over the course of the morning we had over 55 people to transform in to wasteland dwellers.

Make-Up Designer Eileen gets an extra ready for their close up.

During these days we wanted to get as much coverage as possible, so Focus Puller Maxx took over the role of 2nd Camera Operator. Shooting on two cameras at the same time meant we got through a lot and were able to cover all of our extras cutaways and fight action all at once.

Thursday was the first time Daniel from our stunt team F.E.A.T donned the Arcayus costume. He stepped in later in the day to take over from Marcus fr the fight scenes. It was and awesome day and it was so great to meet so many Wastelander Panda fans.

After a break on Saturday we were back on Sunday ready for our final shooting day and another big day of fight scenes an extras. Our whole day consisted entirely of fight scenes which was fun for the crew and extras and exhausting for our stunt team. Daniel, our Arcayus stunt double was in the suit all day so we had to be careful to break up the day and give him a rest from being in the intense heat and weight of the panda costume.

Stunt team F.E.A.T choreographed and performed the fight scenes

At 7:30 that evening Vic called cut on the final shot of the episodes. Thanks to everyone who came out to be an extra, donated their time or lent us costumes or props. We’re so proud of everything we’ve shot and can’t wait for the world to see it! Now we go into our post production period to get everything ready before we launch at SXSW in March.


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One Response to “The Shoot Part 5: Warehouse”

  1. Jenny November 28, 2012 at 10:45 pm #

    Fantastic! Great idea having 2 cameras & a stunt team. It reminded me of an episode of ‘Here’s Humphrey when they put a Russian cossack dancer in Humphrey’s costume. – Impressive!

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