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The Shoot Part 4: Abandoned House

22 November

On Thursday the crew took the short drive into the hills to start shooting at an abandoned house, our newest location.

The house is due for demolition and had been empty for a long time, so it posed a challenge for many departments. There was no power, so we had to bring in a big generator in order to get enough power to run lights for filming as well as all our other incidental production needs.

The location had an old, empty pool that proved a popular spot for lunch amongst the crew.

On Friday, Producer Kirsty decided to test the integrity of the leaves that had built up in the bottom.

Because the house had been empty for so long it was a fantastic pallette for Cassie, one of our Production Designers, to start building a Wasteland home from. The ceiling was coming down in some places, every corner was thick was cobwebs, and there was already a thin layer of grime over the walls.

However, there was no furniture in the house and the walls were completely bare so it was still a large job to undertake. While the rest of the crew was filming at the scrapyard, Cassie and the art department assistants were dressing the house set so it would be ready by Thursday. The final design looked amazing, and we can’t wait for you to see it.

The abandoned house location saw the return of actors Marcus, Mandahla, Jordan, Michael and Patrick to set and the first scenes for Sharon and Sebastien. ┬áThe majority of our ‘Arcayus and Rose’ episode takes place in this location, so we had four days of shooting in the various rooms.

Marcus (Arcayus) takes a break between shots.

Thursday and Friday mostly involved dialogue scenes, and after a break over the weekend we returned on Monday and Tuesday to shoot some fight scenes.  These two days involved a huge effort from our cast and crew, with shooting going into the evening.

Tuesday night marked a wrap on our Arcayus and Rose episode and the end of our third shooting block. Only one left to go now!

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