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Crew Photos

03 December

You’ve seen some of what our on set photographer Dave Cheng has been shooting. For a change, here are some photos our crew members took between work during the shoot.

Director Vic and Marcus (Arcayus) take a break between shots

Focus Puller Maxx sets his phaser to “stun”

The camera van, packed up before we left for the Flinders Ranges.

Cinematographer Viv wanted to make sure everyone saw him in the Flinders Ranges

Producer of Marketing and Distribution Ella has some fun with the camera rig while the camera team isn’t looking.

Best Boy David realises he came to the wrong neighbourhood.

Make-Up Designer Eileen went above and beyond on the shoot, donating 2 litres of blood over the course of 3 weeks. Just kidding! It’s mostly strawberry syrup and washing detergent.

Director Vic explains the shot to Marcel (Isaac)… in character?

Continuity Supervisor Caitlin took this one. She calls it “Senor Panda’s Siesta”.

Cinematographer Viv gets extra creative with his shots while Focus Puller Maxx operates second camera.

Cinematographer Viv is also very concerned about fence integrity. 

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