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The tale of the last remaining panda in a post-apocalyptic wasteland.

Pre Production: Week 2

15 April

As of today we only have 1 week left of pre production before we start shooting!

Last week was another week full of location recces, the highlight of which was visiting quite a few of the tunnels that run beneath buildings int he Adelaide CBD. A lot of them had been converted to house utilities for the buildings above them, so weren’t exactly “Wasteland ready” but it was interesting to check them out all the same.

We eventually found a wasteland-esque one on some private property outside the city.

Later in the week we got a call from the forestry service, letting us know that the scrub burn-off areas we’ve been wanting to check out were safe to enter. It was very odd turning a corner in a national park and seeing a big black patch in the middle of it.

While this was all happening, the cast came in for costume fittings, and our brilliant panda head maker Matt put the final touches on the new Pandas. We’ve had to get new ones made as after multiple trips out to the Flinders Ranges, and a few bouts in a fight pit, Arcayus and Isaac were looking (and smelling) a bit worse for wear. It’s been great this year to have our head maker in Adelaide. Being able to tweak them on the fly means we can keep them as comfortable as possible for our actors. The longer they can stand wearing them on set, the longer we’ll be able to shoot for.

Not long to go now!

Final Cast Announcment: Varrick and Rose

11 April

We’ve saved the big guns ’til last: Chantal Contouri (Varrick) and Lily Pearl (Rose)

Call For Extras

10 April

Want to come and be a part of the Wasteland?

We need extras on Tuesday the 29th of April and Monday the 12th of May.

We’re looking for both males and females with natural hair colour and require a range of ages from children through to adults.

To apply, send us an email at with the subject heading EXTRAS CALL and include your full name, contact phone number, a recent photo yourself, your age, and the day(s) you’re available (please note you must be available for the whole day).

Also note that you’ll need to provide your own transport around the Adelaide area and anyone under 18 years must be accompanied by a parent or guardian on set at all times.

Casting news: Pandas!

10 April

The last remaining pandas of the Wasteland

Cast Announcement: Helm Clan

09 April

Say hello to the Helm Clan. You’ll be seeing a lot more of them soon.

Cast Announcement: Legion

07 April

Week 2 of Pre Production has started! Over the coming week we’ll be introducing you to our new cast. Here’s John Doherty (Legion Official) Holly Brindley (Mae) and Mara Koutsouridis (Uraila)

Back To The Wasteland

01 April

It’s been a big couple of weeks on Wastelander Panda. We’ve now officially started pre-production and the shoot is only a few weeks away!
Last week, we set off on a bunch of location recces across the Adelaide area. This time around, we’re aiming to keep as much of the shoot as close to the city as possible to save time and money. We’ve got a lot to cram in and not a lot of time to do it in.
First stop was another trip to Second Valley, a great spot off the coast that we’re hoping will stand in for a wasteland fishing village.

It might look like Viv’s taking a selfie, but he’s actually doing really important cinematography things.

Then it was off to an abandoned mine. A slice of the wasteland close to the city.

Director for scale.

We also went back to one of our previous locations in Port Adelaide, which we’re keen to use again (just in a different part). We also took a trip down below some of the other old buildings around the Port, which was frankly, terrifying.

Spot the DOP.

The Costume department in full-swing.

On Monday, we officially started pre-production! We’ve all moved down to a studio space so we can keep Production, Costume and Art departments close together.

For the rest of this week we’ll mostly be scheduling the shoot and having heaps of meetings to make sure everything’s ready to go by the time we roll.
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Casting Call – Lead and Supporting Roles

29 January

We’re going back to the Wasteland in 2014! We’re looking for some great actors with striking faces to inhabit the Wasteland. 

If you’re unfamiliar with the project, Wastelander Panda is about the last remaining pandas in a post-apocalyptic wasteland.  We’re making six new ten minute episodes that will premiere onABC iView later in the year. The series will also exist as a single 60min version. If you want to see some previous Wastelander Panda episodes you can watch everything on our homepage.

This time, the story follows Isaac, one of the last remaining pandas of the Wasteland. Held responsible for the violent death of a young girl, Isaac is banished from the safety of the Tribe of Legion, along with his mother Hannah and brother Arcayus. Realising they cannot survive in the desperate and savage world of the Wasteland, a guilt-ridden Isaac seeks to reinstate the family to Legion – by seeking a replacement for the child whose life was lost.

With the exception of those auditioning for Rose and Varrick, all applicants must be based in Adelaide or willing cover relocation costs themselves for the duration of the shoot.

The shoot will take place in early April for three and a half weeks in the Adelaide Area and the South Australian outback, with a rehearsal period during March.

Payment: Award Rate.

All minors must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

Please send us an email with your name,  phone number, and headshot to with the subject heading “Audition Application” Please remember to indicate which role you would like to audition for.

We are also accepting applications through our StarNow listing.

All applications must be received by midnight Monday the 10th of February to be considered. 

We are looking for lean, athletic body types unless otherwise indicated.

Female, looks 10. Small and lean with dark hair, tanned skin.
Needed on set for 3 and a half weeks

HELM CLAN MEMBERS - A ruthless family of slavers.
Stunt experience a plus. Helms clan members will likely be needed for 3 weeks of the shoot.

Varrick – Major Role
Female, looks 50-65. The matriarch of the lethal Helm Clan. She is weathered, intelligent and a cold blooded survivor of the wasteland.

Havero – Supporting role
Male, looks 40.  Intelligent and quiet. Controlled in all circumstances and observes every scenario before taking action.

Cohen – Supporting role
Male, looks 30s. Violent, bloodthirsty and loves to make his victims suffer. Often critised by the Helm for carrying out jobs like they are personal rather than business.

Marcellus – Supporting Role
Male, looks mid 30s. Weathered and the second in charge to the Helm Clan. Will often jeopardies the safety of others and himself to get what he wants.

Rayne – Supporting role
Female, looks mid 30s. A protective mother of Elliot and the sister of Torin. Calm and rational but often speaks before thinking first.

Nazeer – Supporting role
Male, looks  30s, Quiet and rational. A master of manipulation and predicting human actions and responses.

Holt – Suporting role
Male, looks early 30s. Silent and nimble, a talented assassin.

Elliot – Supporting role
Male, looks late teens. Young, reckless and irresponsible. Often enters violent situations to prove himself to the Helm.

Torin – Supporting role
Female looks mid 20s. Unpredictable and a merciless killer. Easily angered and has the potential to lose control when enraged.

Jake – Supporting role
Male, looks 40s. A strong an physically capable man but is insecure and often afraid to use his own initiative. Does what he is told at at all times. Kept by the Helm only due to his large size and strength.

Twins – Supporting roles
Males,  looks 30s.  Identical twins, talented and deadly killers.

ROSE’S FAMILY– A quiet family who live in a small fishing community on the edge of the wasteland. Both roles likely needed on set for half a week’s shooting.

Levan – Minor supporting role
Looks mid teens. Much like his father Jobe, Levan is lean and athletic with dark hair.

Jobe – Minor supporting role
Looks early 30s. The father of Levan and Rose, he is muscular and athletic due to the amount of physical labour he does. A fisherman by nature.

TRIBE OF LEGION – Members of an insular and harsh Wasteland community. All roles likely needed on set for half a week’s shooting.

Legion Official – Minor supporting role
Male, looks 50-60. A commanding figure in the totalitarian Tribe of Legion. His voice carries and demands attention.

Royal Official – Minor supporting role
Male, looks between 40-50. Unusual and unnerving in appearance. His face is very striking and intimidating.

Jonah – Supporting role
Male, looks 30-40. A religious and unassuming man. A father and wife to other Legion followers.

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