The Story

Wastelander Panda is a post-apocalyptic adventure series about Arcayus – the last mutant panda of the Wasteland, and Rose – a human girl raised by Arcayus’ brother, Isaac. Together, they set out on a journey of redemption, seeking to avenge Isaac’s death.

The Chronicles

The three films on this website each introduce new characters and explore different areas of the overall Wastelander Panda story.  They have been chosen because we think they best convey the world, its characters and tone.  Hopefully one day we can fill in the gaps for you.

Isaac & Rose - After witnessing the murder of her family, seven-year-old Rose ventures out into the Wasteland alone.  Woken one night to the sound of nearby movement, she discovers Isaac, a rogue panda who abandoned his home – and last surviving brother – to explore new territories.

Arcayus & Rose - After Isaac’s murder, Rose tracks down his reclusive estranged brother, Arcayus, and begs him to help her seek revenge.  Having lived in solitude in a corner of the Wasteland for over 15 years, Arcayus has no desire to return to his former life of violence, but reluctantly agrees to accompany her as far as the town of Raven.

Arcayus & Akira - Soon after departing Edgar’s house, Arcayus is caught by the Coyotes and sold to The   Winchester Vault Pit.  Forced to fight for the entertainment of others, he meets Akira, a 6ft bison who has lived his life within the fight pit walls.  Confronted by this fate, Arcayus knows his only hope is Rose. But first he must battle to survive.

The Series

Arcayus lives a solitary life a corner of the Wasteland, and he wants to keep it that way.

His brother Isaac’s departure over a decade ago caused great conflict between them.  Despite having fought alongside each other in the Tribe of Legion since childhood, Isaac’s choice of a life of violence and desperation is one that Arcayus has never understood.

But Arcayus’ illusions of a peaceful life are shattered when Rose arrives on his doorstep.   Exhausted but determined, Rose has been raised by Isaac since childhood, and drags with her a huge makeshift cart, laden with Isaac’s body.

Rose has a clear goal.  Together, they must journey through the Wasteland to track down Isaac’s killers and avenge his death – but Arcayus wants no part in it.

In a world where men have become savages, Rose knows she will never find revenge alone, and circumstances drive the two unlikely allies together.  But Rose knows more about Isaac’s death than she’s letting on, and her secret could tear them apart.


Wastelander Panda was developed from a rich and holistic Storyworld, designed to offer compelling narrative threads across multiple platforms. Alongside both online and broadcast long-form series, the Wastelander Panda team are currently developing graphic and interactive incarnations of the Wasteland experience.


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